1 Malaysia Contemporary Music

With the concept of „Satu Malaysia!‟ as proposed by Malaysia‟s Prime Minister Dato Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, comes a blend of a unique musical performance comprising of the three major races in Malaysia. This fusion of various musical instruments from the Malay, Chinese and Indian unearths a symphony that is both unique and harmonious, and conveys a sense of beauty,integration and understanding amongst the three races,all done in the manner of music. Higly suitable for national festivities, corporate dinners, national promotional events and many more.

Combination of musical instruments consists of :

  • Malay: TakLempong & Rebana
  • Chinese: Ghu Zheng & Erhu
  • Indian: Tabla & Bansuri.
  • Borneo: Sape & Kulintangan

And many other instruments such as Gamelan, Serunai, Gambus, Yanqin, Ghu, Dizi, Harmonium, Mardingam & Sitar etc..


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