“World Championship of Performing Arts‟ (WCOPA) Competition in Hollywood California Los Angeles USA 2008

The group members from NAKASUTRA and Istamuzika joined heads in the Instrumental Muzik! Group and it paid off when they scored 3 golds,2 silvers, 2 bronzes and 2 prestigious Champion of the World award in the classical and contemporary music stream.  

 KL Music Festival” Music Competition 2005

 Champions for the group award in the Traditional Malay Music category

JohorGhazal Music Competition 2006

Winner for the Best Male Vocalist category


National Malay Traditional Music Competition2004

Winner for the Best Male Vocalist category


Petaling Jaya Selangor Dikir Barat Competition 2008

Winner for the Best Music Group category


….and that’s just a portion of what we’re capable of! The only limit to what we could do is creativity,who knows what we’ll come up next with?