Borneo Contemporary Music

This music is influenced by the musical artistry from Sarawak is focuses more on music fusion in which the main musical instrument called Sape is entwined with other traditional and modern instruments complemented with contemporary music arrangements. This performance is suitable for dinner functions, national promotional events, Rainforest-concept events, national cultural performances and many others.

Combination od musical instruments consists of :

Sape, Violin, Akordian, Keyboard, Guitar, Tak Lempong, Drum, Gendang Sunda, Kulintangan
Performance repertoires consists of tracks from various cultures, such as ;

  • Puteri Santubong
  • Bidhu
  • Lagenda
  • Moon Song
  • Abang Beca
  • Do Re Mi
  • Nelayan
  • Ngajat Tampi
  • Gezambo
  • Look of Love

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