Nakasutra Music Event Sdn. Bhd. (Formely known as Music Event Entertainment since 2004) is a high-scale Music! Group company that is highly committed in giving the best of services for any events or productions. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you would like to host,the number of artists you would like to bring in or whatever music genre you desire for the occasion,we are no doubt your ultimate choice! We guarantee we’re able to provide the best possible service that will leave you with 100% satisfaction by the end of the day!

Nakasutra Music Event has since been active in various forms of events that ranges from small to big scale events throughout Malaysia and even around the globe. With multiple experience and countless successes to our list, we dare say you should look no further than the best to make your Music! bash an unforgettable one!

From big to small ensembles, and solo artistes from countless variations of Music! such as Traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian, Borneo and even touches of classics from the west including modern and contemporary Music!, the choice is yours! Our job is to ensure we give only the best quality and commitment there is for your performances and even for your stage performances productions!!

“One thing’s for sure, sky’s the limit when creativity is involved!”