Malay Asli & Contemporary Music

This musical performance covers a variety of musical artistry. The combination of many musical instruments from different musical artistries of the Malay and Western that is uniquely infused with the artistical play of traditional or contemporarized Malay sounds. Highly suitable for celebrations such as Malay weddings, dinner functions, seasonal festivities like fasting ceremonies, Hari Raya, national promotional events and others.

Musical instruments consists of :

Akordian, Violin, Flute, Male / Femal Vocal, Rebana, Bass or combinations of other instruments that is relevant to the song such as keybpard, guitar and many others.
Performance repertoire consists of song choices that fits the function‟s theme, such as ;

  • Empat Dara
  • Dia Datang
  • Zapin Budi
  • Sri Mersing
  • Joget 106
  • Wedding and blessing songs
  • Various tracks for Hari Raya
  • English/ Modern Malay and Evergreen songs

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